Xindia Steels Ltd

Xindia Steels Limited
Promoter CMD/CEO/President : Name
Corporate Address  The Estate, 10th Floor, 121, Dickenson Road, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560042, India.
Contact No.  Tel: +91-80-67928888
Email ids
Year of Set up
Plant address  Koppal District, adjacent to Hospet, in Karnataka
Plant Capacity 0.8 MT
Unit In-charge/Chief
Source of technology -(Country and the company which has supplied) Grate Kiln technology
Main Production Units (apart from pellets) and their capacity
Raw Material: Captive or Purchase
Import, if any
Details of Mines owned by the Company


Production flow diagram, with material balance, energy consumption productivity.




Promoter’s View – 2 or 3 Paras

(Current Photo, Vision etc.)

CEO of the Pellet Plant, his/her profile (Current Photo, experience etc.)
Pellet Plants Photograph