Registered Address Village –Borjhara, Urla Industrial Area, Raipur 493221 (C.G.)
Contact No. 0771-4288044, 0771-4288035, 9826101933 (MR PANKAJ SINGHAL)
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Year of Set up Year of commissioning – 2013 (Iron Ore Pelletization Plant)
Plant address  Shri Bajrang Power And Ispat Ltd.

Kh no. 521/44, Village – Tandwa

Dharsiwa – Tilda Road, Tehsil – Tilda

Dist. – Raipur 493116 (C.G.)

Plant Capacity 1.4 MnTPA
Unit In-charge/Chief Mr Archit Goel & Mr KV Nagabhushana
Source of technology -(Country and the company which has supplied) Iron Ore Pelletizing plant at Tilda adopts the modern and advance Lurgi/Straight Grate technology.
Main Production Units (apart from pellets) and their capacity
    1. DRI                  :           500×1 TPD, 350×2
    2. IOBP                :           2 MnTPA
    3. Rolling Mill      :           1000 TPD
    4. Gasifier for Pellet        :           16971 nm3/hr
    5. Power Plant     :           58 MW (with WHRB, Thermal & Biomass)
    6. Hydro power   :            36 MW
Raw Material: Captive or Purchase a.      Both (Captive & Purchase)

b.      We buy Iron Ore Fines that ranges from 55 to 63 (Fe)

Import, if any  Nil
Details of Mines owned by the Company a.      Hahaladdi (approx 75 HA of area Located in Kanker distt in Chhattisgarh)
Production flow diagram, with material balance, energy consumption productivity.


Flow Diagram


Energy Consumption –


·         Indurating Furnace Thermal Energy Consumption (Avg) – 2.75 LKCal/Ton of Pellet.

·          Process Fans Electrical Energy Consumption (Avg) (Unit–KW/Ton of Pellet)

·         Cooling Air Fan – 4.74

·         Updraught drying air fan – 5.13

·         Hood Exhaust Fan – 2.19

·         Windbox Exhaust Fan – 4.15

·         Windbox Recuperation Fan – 6.36

·         Gasifier Average Electrical Specific Consumption – 1.01 KW/Ton of Pellet

Promoter’s View – 2 or 3 Paras

(Current Photo, Vision etc.)

1 Mr Narendra Goel      2 Mr Anand Goel

India is the world’s 3rd largest steel producer. India’s Iron Ore market, though large, is fragmented, with many small-scale operations in the local market. India’s economic growth and stability therefore favours our long-term presence in the competitive market and provides leverage to attractive Iron Ore prices, both domestic and export, while it can also leverage its cash flow and asset base in line with India’s economic growth.


Annual production of Steel in India is targeted to reach close to 200 million tonnes mark by the year 2020 making India world’s second largest Steel producer. India has about 28.5 billion tonnes of Iron Ore reserves. Around 60% of Iron ore mined is in the form of fines with relatively lower grade of Iron. India is amongst the highest consumers of Calibrated Lump Ore (CLO) for its Steel production. About 25% – 30% of India’s Steel production is through sponge Iron route which is excessively dependent on CLO as feed. With the projected Steel production, requirement of Iron Ore is expected to be around 350 to 400 million tonnes per year. At this rate of consumption, the available good quality reserves would probably not last more than few decades.


The Iron Ore reserves and the consumption pattern of Sponge Iron Units in India make a strong case for utilization of low/medium grade Iron Ore Fines for Steel making and Iron Ore Pelletization is the suitable process for the same. Iron Ore Pellets offer some distinct advantages for the Iron making are as under;


Spherical shape of Pellets gives better & uniform permeability resulting in smoother furnace operation. Pellets have very high cold crushing strength resulting in negligible generation of fines in stock house. It has High porosity, which leads to faster reduction. High strength of pellet (200-250 kg/cm2) provides good resistance to disintegration during the descent of burden. Uniform chemical composition compared to lump ore.

CEO of the Pellet Plant, his/her profile (Current Photo, experience etc.) 3
 Mr Archit Goel


Values deep rooted from the family, Mr Archit Goel represents the 3rd generation of the Goel family. Graduate from Kingston University, London in the year 2012, Mr Archit Goel is an ardent admirer of technological development in the field of Steel making process and setting benchmark of quality and operational efficiency in all the sectors.

Mr Archit Goel is responsible to look after process, operations and techno-commercial activities of Iron Ore Pelletization plant at Tilda plant. Very young at age, his involvement in the family business grew during the commissioning of Pellet plant. So, he is well acquainted with all the aspects of Pellet plant operations.  He also takes care of HR, Marketing & Branding and New Projects Development in the company.

Mr Archit Goel is tech savvy and a very enthusiastic young leader. Recently, he represented Goel Group in the Round Table Conference on Hydro power sector wherein the commissioning of 36 MW Run-of-River Hydro power project Chanju-I located at Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh was officially announced.

Pellet Plants Photograph  


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